Do you have a severe toothache that is especially noticeable when biting down or chewing? Has your tooth become increasingly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures? Are the nearby gums swollen and tender? If so, the tooth may be infected. Tooth infection occurs when the inner tissues of the tooth, called the dental pulp, become decayed, damaged, or injured. If the tooth infection is not properly treated, it may result in the death of the tooth. This necessitates tooth extraction, and the infection may also spread to other parts of your smile. To prevent these consequences, our dentist may recommend root canal treatment for the infected tooth. Root canal treatment allows us to restore your smile’s health and save the tooth.

During root canal therapy, our dentist removes the infected and diseased tissues from the tooth. The tooth is then thoroughly sanitized and is filled with a medicated material. Dr. Jake R. Richards  or Dr. Mitch J Driscoll then places a restoration, such as a crown, over the tooth to restore its structure and function. In just one or two visits to Oak Mountain Dental, we can restore the health of the tooth and relieve the pain that often accompanies tooth infection. To learn more about getting a root canal in Pocatello, Idaho, we invite you to call or visit us today. We are eager to improve your dental health!