When Should My Children See the Dentist For the First Time?

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Many parents wonder about when they should schedule their child’s first visit to the dentist. You might be surprised to learn that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your child has their first visit to the dentist before baby’s first birthday!

If you did a double-take when you read that “first before first” recommendation, here are some facts to consider:

When it comes to dental health, some parents mistakenly believe that baby and toddler tooth decay is no big deal, since those teeth will eventually fall out anyway. Unfortunately, 40 percent of children in the U.S. are suffering from tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten.

Untreated early childhood cavities can result in painful abscesses and inflammation, and can even affect your child’s permanent tooth development and alignment. Early loss of childhood teeth can also have a negative impact on your child’s speech development, since missing teeth can make it more difficult to create certain vocal sounds.

Now here’s the good news: You can do so much to help your child enjoy good dental health right from the start! In addition to consistent daily dental habits and proper nutrition, regularly scheduled visits to the dentist can ensure that cavity risks or other dental issues are identified and treated before they move into problem territory.

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is one very important step on the road to good dental health. In the days leading up your child’s first visit to the dentist, it’s important to create an atmosphere of happy anticipation.

You can prepare by reading simple “going to the dentist” books with your child. Talk about healthy, “happy” teeth. Talk about the upcoming visit in playful and positive terms, and make it an “adventure day.” Many dental practices provide play areas and toys in the reception area. On the day of the appointment, try to build in some play-area time before and after your child’s appointment. This will help them associate the idea of fun and a visit to the dentist.

Ideally, your child’s first visit to the dentist won’t involve any treatment. It’s a time for your child to become familiar with the dental office area, and to see the dentist and dental team as friendly faces.

Even if you personally struggle with some dental anxiety, don’t let that set the tone for your child’s first experience at the dentist! You need to lay the groundwork to help your child feel comfortable about going to visit the dentist regularly.

Remember, whether it’s “first before first”, or whether your child is a toddler or preschooler, their first visit to the dentist is a big deal. With some preparation and planning, you can help make it a great first visit!


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Shayla Ward
Shayla Ward
12:16 22 Sep 17
I have had a great experience at every visit with Dr. Richards and his staff. He is very thorough and always explains what he is doing and why. He was patient and quick for my 4 year old daughter's first filling. My entire family goes here and we love it!
Sadie Priest
Sadie Priest
01:11 06 Aug 17
Literally the nicest people! I showed up 30 minutes late, and they still got me in made sure I was comfortable and completely numb before removing my wisdoms. They are so much cheaper than anywhere else I've checked and did a good job. I HIGHLY recommend this dentist office!
Allison Muir
Allison Muir
18:08 24 May 17
Always a great experience! Not only is Dr. Richard amazing, but his staff is as well! Max is one of the best assistants and she is very compassionate and truly a wonderful lady. I'm also impressed that Dr. Richards is honest and cares about his patients. He could have easily done a much more expensive procedure on me, however he let me know the tooth was too damaged and chose to go the less expensive route! Honesty, combined with caring, compassion, and thoroughness and that is the experience you will get 100% of the times you visit!
Kristopher Hopkins
Kristopher Hopkins
18:53 08 Sep 17
I must say with all honesty that not only is the staff very polite and helpful, they have made some of the toughest procedures feel comfortable, in a timely fashion and very relaxing:):):) My dentist goes far and beyond any dentist I've ever had!! He definantly knows what he's doing and how to do it right!! I would never and will never look anywhere else!! Thank Oak Mountain Dental Sincerely Kristopher Hopkins
Geary Curtis
Geary Curtis
15:43 21 Jul 17
This place is awesome, The staff is Great and they put you at ease. The Doctor is excellent and takes the time to explain things and listen to the patient. I would recommend Oak Mountain Dental to everyone. Thanks to the staff for getting me in on short notice and doing an awesome job.
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